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Thermographic camera D300 


The D300 camera is known as the most innovative thermal imaging camera in  SATIR so far for mid-level thermography.

The SATIR D300 has some interesting design features, such as a fully reversible 3.5-inch screen.  It is suitable for right- or left-handed users, which makes the design ergonomic and accessible to everyone.

The SATIR D300 has a 384 × 288 IR detector that outputs 110592 pixels, this gives the user a clear and sharp image and with high speed processing slows down a fast image without compromising quality.  The SATIR D300 Mid-Level Thermal Imager has three image modes which are Infrared (IR), Digital (CCD) and Duo Vision Plus which is a new technology developed by SATIR.  Duo Vision Plus allows users to overlay CCD and IR images, giving the user a detailed and clear image.

The SATIR D300 has a touch screen that will focus automatically to ensure that the user has a clearly focused thermal image.  This means that when generating a report, the image is already in focus, allowing an accurate assessment.

Key features

  • Newly designed platform

  • IR detector 384x288

  • IR / Digital / Duo Vision / Duo Vision Plus

  • Laser locator

  • Motorized lens

  • 5 MP high definition camera

  • Long duration battery


Camera name: D300


Detector resolution             384x288

FOV / Min.  Focus distance   24  ° x  18 ° / 0.20m

  Thermal sensitivity (NETD)       ≤0.05°C@30°C

  Spatial resolution              1.09 mrad

  Spectral range                  7.5 ~ 14μm

  Focus mechanism           Motorized / Manual / Auto



Temperature range   -20 ° C ~ + 600 ° C (up to 1500  ° C  optional) 

Accuracy                ± 2 ° C or ± 2% of readings

Image presentation


  Picture mode               IR / Digital / Duo-Vision / Duo-Vision Plus

  Visible pixels                 5 MP digital camera

  LCD screen                   3.5 "capacitive touch screen

  Image output mode       Analog video output

  File format (thermal / visual)      Jpeg



  Encapsulation                      IP54

  Shock / vibration resistance     25G / 2G

  Operating temperature      -20 ° C ~ + 50 ° C

Physical characteristics (camera body)


  Weight           0.85kg

  Dimensions  232mm × 115mm × 168mm

Additional characteristics


  Ports                 USB type C

  Video recording      Yes

  Bluetooth               Yes (optional)

  Real time transmission     Real-time USB transmission with temperature data

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